Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting Started On The Article Writing Path To Profit

About Writing - Why We Write Online Articles
Online article writing is more than just earning money. Each writer is giving the reader a glimpse of their very soul. A lasting testimony is created for all the world to view.
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About Writing – Your Pen Name and Avatar
Serious writers understand the importance of self branding for recognition as an expert in their particular niche. Your pen name and avatar should reflect your goal.
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About Writing – New and Aspiring Writers Choose Triond
If you are looking to start an online article writing career, choosing Triond as a starting post is good. The Triond site is easy to use and get your original articles published.
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About Writing - The Structure of an Online SEO Article
When writing an SEO article for online publication, there are necessary parts to uphold structure and integrity. Master the structure and easier writing will follow.
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About Writing – SEO Online Article Inline Links and Backlinks
When writing online articles, including inline links increases search engine page ranking. Backlinks increase online article exposure thereby increasing popularity with additional viewers.
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About Writing - Ads Play Important Role on Your Online Article
Why so many ads? Should I use an ad blocker? Can I have ads removed? The importance of ads on your online articles needs to be understood.
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About Writing - What is an RSS Feed and How to Use It
As a writer of online articles, a basic understanding of an RSS feed and how to use it to your advantage is good to know.
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About Writing - Promoting Through Free Article Directories
Writing articles for money or fun requires readers. To build readers, article writers need to promote. Here is a Top 100 list of free article directories to which you can submit your articles.
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